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Frequently Asked Questions

Entry details for the 2020 REGGIE Awards Program will become available soon, but for your reference and understanding below provides FAQs from the 2019 REGGIE Awards.

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How do I enter?
Click here to create an account. Once you create a username and password, you will be able to begin the submission process for one or multiple campaigns across as many categories as your campaign(s) qualify. You may save and return to your work at anytime during the competition period. The 2018 REGGIE Awards will open on October 1st, 2018.

Once you’ve completed your entry, you will be prompted to finalize and pay your entry fee(s) before the final deadline. If payment for an entry is not submitted by the deadline, it will not qualify to be included in the subsequent judging rounds and will be removed from the competition.

Who can enter a campaign?
Anyone involved in Brand Activation including but not limited to marketers, marketing, advertising and promotion agencies, retailers and service providers, etc. All ANA client-side members and Associate members as well as non-members are eligible to enter the REGGIE Awards.

What campaigns are eligible?
Any campaign that began or ended during the calendar year 2018.

Can I submit more than one campaign?
Yes, you can enter as many campaigns in as many categories as you wish. Often, campaigns will involve multiple marketing techniques that could fit into more than one category that are worthy of individual recognition.

For example, a Small Budget Campaign may have been for a New Product introduction and Age Specific targeted. That would qualify for 3 categories. If you choose to enter the same campaign in multiple categories, you will be asked to explain how it fits into each of those categories. Entering your campaign into more than one category will increase your chances of winning, but it is important to clearly explain why it is appropriate for each category to improve your chances with the judges.

When are the deadlines?
The deadlines for the 2019 REGGIE Awards are as follows:

Early Bird Deadline: February 6, 2019
Final Deadline: March 1, 2019
Round I Judging: March 22 - April 3, 2019
Round II Judging: April 5 - April 18, 2019
REGGIE Gala: May 15, 2019

What are the entry fees for each entry?
The fees for the 2019 REGGIE Awards are:

ANA Client-Side Marketer Member Rate & Associate Member Rate:
Early Bird: $595 per entry
Regular: $695 per entry

Non-Member Rate:
Early Bird: $795 per entry 
Regular: $895 per entry

Payment Options:
- Via Credit Card: Accepted cards include: Visa, MasterCard and American Express
- Via Check: Make payable to "The ANA" in U.S. funds from a U.S. Bank
Please mail via UPS or FedEx to: Association of National Advertisers, 708 Third Avenue, 8th Floor, New York, NY 10017. Attn: REGGIE Awards

When will my campaigns be judged and winners announced?

  • First Round Judging - March 22 - April 3, 2019
  • Second Round Judging - April 5 - April 18, 2019
  • Finalists Announced - April 23, 2019
  • The winners - Gold, Silver, Bronze - will be revealed and honored at the REGGIE Awards Gala on the first evening of the ANA Brand Activation Conference in Orlando, FL on Wednesday, May 15th. 

How easy is it to enter the REGGIE Awards?
Easy! The REGGIE Awards system is easy to use and leads you clearly through the entry process. You will be able to register, submit your application, and copy your campaigns into various categories with one fluid process. We also have a preview entry form available so you can gather all the correct material prior to beginning your online entry.
To view the entry form, please click here.

What do I need in order to complete my entry?
In order to enter the REGGIE Awards, you will need to fully complete the Case Study Entry Form. You will also need to upload supporting creative materials (images, videos) for your campaign. At least one image or video is required. To view the entry form, please click here

Entry Form will include:
- Campaign Name
- Brand Marketer Name & Contact Information
- Agency Name & Contact Information (if appropriate)
- Case Study:
• Business Challenge(s) & Campaign Objective(s)
• Insights & Strategy
• Concept/The Big Idea
• Integration/Activation
• Winning the Category
• Results/Metrics
• Brand Building
- Creative: Each entry can have up to six supporting files which can include images, PDF, or audio and video files.

How do I submit multiple campaigns? Can I submit the same campaign into more than one category?
The application system will allow you to submit more than one entry. You have two options to choose from that will allow you to accomplish this.

If there are major differences between your entries, you will likely want to begin a new entry from scratch. You can do so by clicking on the "Make Another Application" link on the left-hand side of the page. This will create a blank application, and you can enter information that is completely new.

If your entries are very similar, you can click on the "Copy Submission" link pictured below.
Note: You must fully complete your submission and add it to your shopping cart in order for it to be copied. Once you have added your submission to your shopping cart, it will appear as complete under your "My Applications" link on the left side of your screen. You will then see an option to "Copy Submission" (pictured below) into another category. This will add the copied submission into your incomplete list and allow you to edit it by clicking on the "Edit" link under "Action". 
Remember to explain why your campaign fits in each category you copy it into.

Can I view my submission before finalizing?
You can view your in-progress application by clicking on the "My Applications" link on the left of your account and click "Edit" to make updates.

How often can I edit my entry?
You have access to edit and update your entry as often as you would like until you "Checkout" (finalize and pay for any entries in your shopping cart). Once you have submitted your entry, you will have access to the read-only file. All entries must be finalized and submitted before the deadline. All entries not finalized before the deadline will not be judged.

To edit your entry, login to your account and you will see all the entries you have in your account. Click on “Edit” on any of the entries listed to make changes to your submission.

Can I submit a link/URL of a website or microsite that was used in the campaign?
Yes, you can enter a link in the URL field in entry case study. However, please be sure the link is live and will be live until July 1, 2019 (once the winners have been announced and viewed). Some judges, prefer viewing all the materials in the case study and not linking to a separate window, so we recommend taking screen grabs of the site and putting them in a PDF and uploading the PDF to your case study, if possible.

Can I print my REGGIE entry?
Yes. In order to print your entry while you are still working on it, please press the 'Ctrl' key and the 'P' key. This will print the page you are on. Please click through each page of your application and press 'Ctrl + P' to print each part. 
Once your entry is marked as "Complete", you will be able to print your entire REGGIE entry at once. In order to complete your entry, you must "Checkout" and pay for your entry. Then you will be able to print using the "Print" link.


What is the total word count allowable for the case study?
The entire case study has a 1000 maximum word count, excluding the summary. The number of words in the fields does not need to be split up evenly but need to total 750 words. The summary has an additional 1000 word count.

What are the artwork specifications?
Artwork Specifications:
Each entry must include at least one visual with their case study and EPS versions of the entering brand and agency’s logos. We accept up to 6 electronic uploads for each submission, excluding required logos, and multiple file types including images, audio or video.
Image Files:
You may submit images in any of three formats: PDF, GIF, PNG, or JPG
.gif or .jpg formats must be 72 DPI
.jpg files must be in RGB color mode
.gif files must be in indexed color mode
Audio Files:
You may submit audio files in .mp3, .mp4 or .wav, or Windows Media Audio (.wma) format.
Audio files can be up to 5mb.
Video Files:
Submitted Video files in Quick Time (.mov) Windows Media Player (.wmv), or MPEG Format.
Please note: the larger the file, the slower it may load

Can others view my entry before it is submitted?
Yes, if you provide others with your REGGIE Awards entry system login information, they can login to your account and see your entry. You may also print your entry and share that way.

What if my campaign results are not in before the regular deadline?
Enter as many results as you can at that point in time (i.e., selling results) and indicate that your final results were not available before your submission. There must be some results included in order to qualify.

What if my results are confidential?
The REGGIE Awards are judged on results. Your entry should have at the minimum indices to show the judges the results, or handled in such a way to not create any confidentiality issues for you.

What should you do if your client does not want to share results?
Consider including additional program goals that may have been unspoken secondary goals, or even sub-goals. Make sure that the results that you are able to share connect to your program goals in some capacity, for examples:
• Translate your objectives into indexes and include the sales lift index in results
• If display or selling from display was important, describe sell through, e.g. restocked display after 2 weeks, etc.
Use non-sales metrics that can show clear value, for examples:
• Coupon redemption not just the coupon quantity
• Impressions converted into a PR dollar value indicates unpaid media value generated

What are the judging criteria?
(Each criteria counts equally in the final score):
1. Is the strategy in line with the insights and goals?
2. What is the level of concept originality? 
3. How well were the materials integrated and activation executed? 
    (specific to the category) 
4. How strong were the results and did they achieve business 
    objectives? (Volume/Share/Profit) 
5. How well did the activation build the brand and align with the 
    overall brand strategy? 

What are the key points the judges are looking for in your case study?
The judges are asking themselves the following questions when reading your campaigns:
- Did they turn the insights into a tangible strategy that answers the objective(s)?
- Did the insight inspire an innovative idea that supported the strategy?
- Did the BIG idea build the brand equity and reinforce the essence of the brand?
- Was the campaign fully integrated?
- Did their tactics really interact and engage with target consumers?
- Did their results match up to their objectives?
- Did they increase their volume, share and profit?
- Did this program make the cash register ring?
- Did the campaign really build the brand?


Who are the judges?
REGGIE Award judges are Director/VP level or above professionals and selected from all areas of Brand Activation and Marketing. The candidates are screened by the ANA, and are assigned to judge entries from categories in which they have expertise. Judges are not allowed to participate in the evaluation of campaigns or categories in which they had any involvement.

The first round of judging is divided among 200+ judges. Each judge with see between 10 - 20 entries and each entry will be judged by 10 judges. The top 10 highest rated entries in each category will move on to Round Two where they will again be rated by a panel of judges. The top three ranked entries in each category will be designated as Gold, Silver or Bronze REGGIE Award winners. The Gold winners in each category will go on to compete against each other and one will win the SUPER REGGIE Award.

The SUPER REGGIE Award is judged by a separate Blue Ribbon Panel, comprised of industry leaders, visionaries and pioneers in Brand Activation. The SUPER REGGIE winner is selected from the GOLD REGGIE winners from each category as the best of the best.

What’s the difference between the Shopper Marketing Campaigns category and the Retailer-Specific Programs category?
Shopper Marketing Campaigns are the ones that were based on shopper insights and executed across multiple retail partner accounts. The Retailer-Specific category is for the campaigns that were tailored, customized and themed to meet a specific retailer’s shopper and/or experience.

When will I know if my campaign is among the finalists?
The finalists will be announced and contacted by the ANA on April 23, 2019. The ANA will notify the specified contact that your campaign is among the winners but you will not know your ranking (Gold, Silver or Bronze). The rankings will be announced on the first evening of the ANA Brand Activation Conference at the REGGIE Awards ceremony on May 15, 2019 in Orlando, FL.

Will I get feedback on my campaign?
All ANA client-side marketer members and Associate members will receive the judge’s feedback on their campaigns after the close of the competition and awards Gala. This is a MEMBER ONLY benefit.

Can I review a case study from previous years?
Yes, click here to review the 2018 REGGIE Award Winners. For previous years, ANA Members can login and search through all the past years. 

Who won last year’s REGGIE Awards?
Click here to view the 2018 winners.

How do I find a campaign that may have been entered by my company and has won in the past?
ANA members can click here and login with your membership ID and Password to search all past REGGIE Awards through our searchable database.

How do I write a winning REGGIE Award Case-study?
We have a series of resources to help you browse through award winning case studies on the ANA website.

When and where will the REGGIE Awards be presented?
The 2018 REGGIE Awards will be presented "LIVE" at a special evening awards gala dinner on the first evening of the ANA Brand Activation Conference on Wednesday, May 15th, 2019.

How do I become a sponsor of the 2018 REGGIE Awards?
Sponsorship packages are available and can be customized and tailored to meet your company’s business needs. To learn how to become a sponsor or for more information on sponsorship, please contact Angela Mootz at

How do I become an ANA client-side marketer member or Associate Member?
To learn how to become a member or for more information on membership, please click here.

Terms and Conditions
In order to assure the integrity of the REGGIE entries, protection of ANA, and the highest standards for this industry-wide award, please be aware that by entering into the REGGIE Awards you are agreeing to the below terms and conditions. In consideration of the opportunity to enter the REGGIE Awards competition, I/we hereby agree to grant the ANA, its members, employees, representatives, agents, licenses, successor and assigners the right: To use and publish the REGGIE submission and all intellectual property constituting such (including as fully described in the Official Entry Form which is part of this agreement) in any manner and in all media in perpetuity and without royalty or any payment therefore. I/we understand in the event your entry is a finalist, the case-study will be published publicly on the ANA website. Any supporting material will also be made available on these websites.
To have no claim against ANA et al. by reason of any use or reuse whatsoever that may occur in the exercise of the rights granted by us hereunder. To indemnify and hold the ANA and its successors and assigned et al. harmless from and against all damages, liability, cost, judgment, damage of expense including legal fees, which may be incurred by reason of the exercise of rights herein. This indemnity shall survive the end of the REGGIE Awards submission deadlines, the announcement of REGGIE Awards and subsequent years.
All submissions become the property of the ANA (physical submissions). You retain the Intellectual Property rights to the submission, subject to the rights granted to ANA above. If Agency as well as client or someone other than Client Company is submitting, then it is understood that the appropriate permissions have been granted by all parties prior to the entry being submitted. REGGIE is a tradename and/or trademark or servicemark of the Association of National Advertisers. All Rights Reserved.


If you have any questions regarding the REGGIE Awards, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

Annie DeKraker
Senior Manager of REGGIE Awards and Events
(646) 708-8127