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Since 1983, the REGGIE Awards have been the premier industry awards program recognizing the best brand activation marketing campaigns activated by brands and agencies. The name – REGGIE – was originally chosen because it symbolizes results by "making the cash register ring" with consumers. The Super REGGIE recognizes the highest level of achievement and is awarded to the "best-in-class" from the Gold category winners. It is the most honored award in the Brand Activation industry, recognized as the crème de la crème in the marketing world.Winning campaigns that enter the 42nd Annual ANA REGGIE Awards will get the recognition they deserve and be honored for excellence in brand activation marketing. This preeminent awards program is open to both internal and external agencies, corporate marketing teams, media firms, and marketing solutions providers.



Here are some highlights from the 2024 REGGIE Awards Gala:

Carlsbad CA (April 16, 2024) - A campaign for eBay called “Twiggy Full Circle” won the top prize, the Super REGGIE Award, in the 2024 ANA REGGIE Awards competition.

State Farm achieved 12 REGGIE Awards all with their agency partner Infinity Marketing Team, making them the top winning client/agency team of the year.  Their "The Big Game Came to Us!" campaign won 5 awards, "Gamerhood Challenge 2023” earned 4 wins and “Bobblehead YOU! Tour” won three.

The most awarded agency was Infinity Marketing Team with 13 wins (State Farm 12, HP 1), followed by Arc Worldwide with 9 awards for their work with Unilever, and Barkley took home 5 awards for work done with Smoothie King and Planet Fitness

Read the full press release here.

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The ANA’s Brand Activation practice is thoughtfully crafted to reflect today’s core disciplines of brand activation marketing practices – Commerce, Content, Experiential, Influencer, Promotion and Relationship Marketing. Brand Activation is marketing that both builds a brand’s image and drives a specific consumer action through one or more of six identifiable disciplines. These disciplines help bring a brand to life by connecting and interacting with the consumer on a personal level. ANA’s Brand Activation practice provides proven, practical, forward-leaning member resources you need now to make critical decisions to fuel your business results and grow enduring brands.